...under whiteclouds...

Buried deep down in the sand....

Hidden deep in this Coptic Rain website you have stumbled upon something rare, something few eyes have seen and few ears have heard. It's The Sun Gods' Heritage. Like the temples and graves of Egypt this page will reveal itself only to the most persevering explorers. You've entered through the eye to find riches for your ears. Lucky you...

This rare album has been released in Slovenia only but here you can hear what treasure it beholds. Although this album lead to the recording of the Sandglass album by April Nine the music is very different. Some April Nine tracks you will find here in other versions, but there are also several original tracks. The arrangements are full of percussion (tambourine, bells, woodblock) and in only a few songs Katrin really sings any words. Of course this album features music for a documentary so it's naturally very different from what we're used to.

The album is as close to ancient Egypt as you can get without actually walking beneath the piramids in the hot desert sand. It's deep, sensual and bewildering. I am very happy to have found this album and would like to thank Jure who made it possible. Thanks man, very cool of you.

Album Tracks

1. Atair
2. Hearts to be given
3. Just another Story (realaudio)
4. Desiderata
5. Hachepsut
6. Dotor Melan (realaudio)
7. Floodbound
8. Nolkayah
9. At Moon (compare this to the April Nine version!)
10. Hey
11. Lean on my Mind