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albumcoverIn 1996 Katrin and Pete gave expression to a different side of their creativeness. From England new musical sounds were emerging. Bands like Portishead and Lamb experimented with jazzy hiphop with a nightclubby feel. TRIPHOP's the name. In the same year they released Clarions End our duo released the album Sandglass under the name April Nine. Early jazzy undertones can be heard on Eleven:Eleven and when you listen to And all I loved from Clarions End you should get the picture of what April Nine sounds like. The sudden hiphop beats that emerge in the end of this song are possibly the coolest in triphop style I've heard anywhere. Coptic Rain's triphop however is more dark and gloomy than April Nine's. April Nine is more relaxed, easy.

According to Katrin the songs on Sandglass evolved from live and acoustic versions of Coptic Rain songs. While they were experimenting with sounds and atmospheres they decided the music was too good to be waysted and they started a new project: April Nine. At the time Peter and Katrin were making music to a documentary on Egypt, called The Sun Gods' Heritage and so many new ideas were flowing. The music made for this documentary has been released on cd in Slovenia only. On the right here you can see the cover of this album (click?). Several songs of Sandglass are featured on this album in different versions. The documentary music combined with some acoustic stuff from Coptic Rain lead to Sandglass. The album does have an eastern atmosphere over it. At first this record was made only for the producers of the documentary, purely non-commercial. But since there were no obligations Katrin and Peter decided to re-do the songs and release them.

Something you can really hear is that April Nine's version of triphop comes from an industrial background. It has more unexpected sounds and a somewhat less easy feeling than the English version. It sounds really fresh, even today. The album was released on the independent German label Hyperium. The song Hey was released as a (vinyl)single (including remixes) and Chillin as a cd single. The record got very good reviews and for some time Katrin and Peter were thinking about going on with the project more seriously, but Peter got involved in several other projects and still another album for Noise had to be made. April Nine's first album proved to be its last....for now.

An instrumental April Nine track was released on an album called Aktive Matrix on Matrix Music, a Slovenian label. The track is called Eclyptical Twins and is more ambient house than triphop. You can listen to the whole song HERE (over 8 minutes). It is a killer track in the style of Biosphere and Robert Leiner (at the time of the Visions of the Past album if you know him).
Also both Coptic Rain and April Nine are featured on a Kraftwerk tribute album called Trans Slovenian Express. Coptic Rain with Robots and April Nine with Radioactivity.

Listen to the realaudio tracks! My favourites are Deepest Chill and the titletrack (instrumental). And yes, In the Ghetto is an Elvis cover. Seems Katrin and Peter have something of a crush on Elvis. On Clarion's End they covered Devil in Disguise. Both covers are also featured on a compilation album called Elvis De Luxe, which was released as soundtrack to a theatre play.

Sandglass (1996)

1. Hey (realaudio whole song!)
2. In Your Eye (realaudio)
3. Lean On My Mind (realaudio)
4. Deepest Chill (realaudio)
5. This Nite
6. Till The End
7. In The Ghetto
8. Floodbound
9. Hidden
10. Sandglass (realaudio)
11. At Moon (realaudio


1. Radioactivity (Trans Slovenia Express, Kraftwerk tribute album)
2. Hey (code 386 compilation, dance mix)
3. Lean on my Mind (code 386 compilation, dance mix)
4. RA (code 386 compilation, remix of radioactivity)
5. Eclyptical Twins (Aktive Matrix compilation)
6. To Naprawde Juz Koniek (song by polish band ONA, remixed by April Nine and Laibach, title probably spelled wrong)
7. Hey (Sundub Remix, Hypnotic Records Compilation "Sonic Wonderland: A Journey Through Triphop & Drum 'N' Bass".)