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The NEWS Page

This page will be updated from time to time. If there's any news: this is the place to get it since the official site has not been updated since it came online... Besides, the band has split up, so there probably won't be any "real" news. If Katrin starts something new however, you'll hear it here!!

Video info Coptic Rain and April Nine (screenshots!)
February 28, 2004
I know it is not really news, but I found some information about videos Coptic Rain and April Nine made years ago. Through this link you will find a page for about director
Peter Vezjak of both a video for Double Edge (CR) and RAdioactivity (A9). Check the screenshots!! How cool it would be to get my hands on these videos....

Server change
July 11, 2003
This site will change server in a couple of weeks. The listen.to/coptic-rain url will stay active I hope, but other bookmarks won't work anymore.

Info on the Devil in Disguise single / added lyrics for The Last World
February 3, 2002
I got my hands on the only single ever released by Noise to promote the Clarion's End album. More info and a cover scan in Albums. I also added all the lyrics of The Last World to the Albums pages. Sing along now! The site is now complete. The complete tracklisting of everything ever released is here for your information. Including all lyrics to every album (except the Discovery ep).

There's just one thing I'm craving for: the unreleased second April Nine album. It exists! I hope I can one day post information on this album on this site. Keep checking!!

Devil in Discuise now online
Oktober 27, 2001
I got some questions about the Devil in Disguise track on the Elvis de Luxe album. People wanted to know in what way it was different from the album version. Well, listen to the whole track for yourself now here, or in the SOUNDS section.

Updated sounds archive
September 6, 2001
No, no news but I still had something left I wanted to add to this site. I'Ve added a list of Coptic Rain's rare tracks. Go find them on the net somewhere. I know I did! There is a realaudio track of the only song they ever recorded in Slovenian, called Proleter. Check it out in the Sounds section!

No News is good or bad news?
April 12, 2001
There has been no news for five months. Allthough I am still in contact with Katrin. It seems Coptic Rain is going to be something of the past, since she will be leaving Slovenia soon. This site will remain online, but no additions or changes will be made until there is any real news. Everyone who mailed me in the last few years and helped me keep this site updated THANKS!! Keep on writing down your thoughts in the guestbook (click MESSAGES in the menu). I'm sure I can thank all of you also on behalf of Katrin and Peter.
Love and Music, Henry.

Rock Sound reviews The Last World
November 2, 2000
Read the review in the October edition of Rock Sound UK here.

Live band split up!
November 2, 2000
Bad news. The live band Katrin was rehearsing with split up some time ago. So they won't be promoting the new album on stage. But for all you fans out there I hope you'll at least be able to get the new album. Mail Org Records about it! It has to be released outside the UK!!!

Remix of Against Perfection
October 22, 2000
An American DJ is currently working on a remix for the track Against Perfection. This is the first time someone else outside the band does a remix of a Coptic Rain track. As soon as I know who the DJ is or when I get the track it will be listed on this site.

Added extra new realaudio of The Last World
September 16, 2000
Check The Last World page for a review of the album and realaudio of three new songs. After listening to the new album for a few weeks it has really become a massive record!

Finally: The Last World
August 28, 2000
Yesterday the new album finally hit my mailbox. The Last World is a new Coptic Rain experience. I have been playing it over and over already and what a great record it is again! Too bad it only lasts for 47 minutes, but what am I complaining about! The music is heavier than before, a little less industrial, but it kicks ass! Katrin has done a great job. She screams and whispers, rages and purrs. A heavy monster guitar sound rings throughout the album, but acoustic guitars are used several times to open up the sound... only to make you feel the heavyness again later. Peter knows how to handle the strings... Listen to it here.

See April Nine video at broadcast.com
August 26, 2000
this website really is getting a lot of traffic and many people write to me. Thanks for all the compliments and support. Now Peter from Slovenia had this good news: on broadcast.com you can see an April Nine video for the song Radioactivity. This song is off the Trans Slovenia Express album. The video is very cool. It features our Katrin on a swing. Check it out by clicking this link (you will need realvideo installed to view). (unfortunately the video isn't longer available...:-(

Official Coptic Rain Website online!
August 20, 2000
With the release of the new album (still haven't seen or heard it yet, damn!) the official Coptic Rain Website has come online. Go to www.coptic-rain.com and check it out! It has some great graphics and all the lyrics to all the albums. The official site and mine will both be keeping you updated on all the news. Great news after one year of being online with this site. Today I had the 900th visitor!
There's no word on the new album yet. My local record store said the album is supposed to be out, but can't be delivered yet. Distribution outside the UK is apparently a problem.

Finally: a new release date has been set
August 6, 2000
It's now August and the record was supposed to be released in May. Delay after delay followed but now a definite release date has been set: August 14. That's next week!! AS far as I know it will be on ORG Records. Check their site for news. As soon as I have the album I will put something for your ears on this site. Counting the days...

Coptic Rain Wallpaper
July 12, 2000
For all you fans out there that like to change their desktop wallpaper from time to time I've made two wallpapers. Click More in the menu...

Katrin in The Netherlands!
July 11, 2000
Some weeks ago Katrin announced she would be in The Netherlands for a two week vacation. So i got to meet her and her boyfriend in Amsterdam yesterday. What a simple website can lead to... We went to see Aperfectcircle, the band with Tool singer Maynard. Allthough I think the band is hyped a bit the sold out concert was very good. I love the album and the musicians gave a great performance. But Maynard should lose the wig. It looks stupid.
Katrin turned out to be a very nice person, but since we've been mailing since last august I never doubted that. She told me that the reason the new album is delayed is that ORG RECORDS is negotiating a license deal with a (or some) major label(s). Such a deal would be a big thing for ORG and Coptic Rain, so the delay is understandable, but as an impatient fan I'm not too happy about it!

Added lots of links
July 2, 2000
Links to bands, magazines and other stuff I find interesting and you might too. Check links in the menu. Still no word on the new album... :-(

New page for The Sun Gods' Heritage
June 23, 2000
I have no idea if the new album has been released. Org Records isn't clear about it. Still, I'm busy enough. I added a new page for The Sun Gods' Heritage. I finally have a copy of this very rare album. YES! I've added some realaudio as well. Besides this I've updated the April Nine page with some new facts. Go to the new page here. The official Coptic Rain website should be online soon.

May 18, 2000
These last few days I see a lot of people have visited this website. I know the new album was supposed to be released a few days ago. I has not been released yet. I don't know what the problem is, but new release dates have been set. The single will be out May 29 and the album will hit the streets on June 12. Hang in there everybody!!

April 24, 2000

Katrin mailed me the cover art for the new album. It looks very good. It's like staring a great big KAT in the eye. ;-) There's also a new band photo in the section for The Last World. Check it out here.

April 22, 2000

On the April Nine page I've added information about the documentary music that lead to the April Nine album. There's a cover picture of the rare The Sun God's Heritage album. I hope to get a copy of the whole album soon. As soon as I do I will add realaudio of several tracks of this album.

March 27, 2000
The release of the Coptic Rain single which was scheduled for March 6 has been postponed because of problems with the cover art. The Coptic Rain albums all had art work of high quality and Org Records wants to continue this tradition. Hopefully a new date will be picked soon.

February 17, 2000

Listen to all the tracks of the Clarions End album in realaudio.

February 1, 2000

Today I added the updated tracklist for The Last World. I also added some extra information about the tracks.

January 28, 2000

Although this website is the place to be for the latest news about Coptic Rain it isn't an official website. The official Coptic Rain website is being constructed right now and will be online in the next coming months. Watch this space for the address.

January 27, 2000
All you Coptic Rain fans can now leave messages for eachother in the new Guestbook. It doesn't look as pretty yet as I would like to but it works. So don't be shy and make yourself heard!

January 7, 2000

Great news! Today ORG RECORDS announced that they have signed Coptic Rain. The long awaited new album The Last World will be released in Europe on May 15 (the rest of the world later, when is unknown yet). The release of the album will be preceded by a single on March 6. ORG RECORDS haven't decided yet whether it will be The Purple Song or Cold Cut. It will be a three track single as part of the ORG-AN-ISED singles series and the release will feature six bonus tracks from six new bands. Still this won't be the first we can hear of the new Coptic Rain album. On February 28 a compilation album will be released, called ORGAN RADIO 11 featuring one song by our Slovenian favourites.

April Nine page update
December 15, 1999

Finally I have the April Nine album Sandglass (1996) and what a great album it is. I have always liked ambient house and triphop. April Nine merges them together with a bit of industrial. Great music. Peter and Katrin at their best. Check out the realaudio on the page, especcially the obscure song Eclyptical Twins which is not featured on the album!

New musicians complete Coptic Rain live line up
November 28, 1999
Coptic Rain now consists of six members. An extra guitarist and, finally, someone has been found to do some serious live sound bending on samplers and decks. Rehearsals seem to be going very well. Still no defenite news on a release date for The Last World, but things with ORG Records seem to be looking positive. Watch out for April Nine realaudio soon on this site...

First rehearsal Coptic Rain live line up
November 8, 1999

The first rehearsal of the newly formed Coptic Rain live line up has taken place on Saturday 30 Ocotber. According to Katrin things went 'purrrfect'. There is no keyboard player yet, but they're still trying to find one. And if none can be found Coptic Rain will tour without keys. That must result in a radical change of their sound. Coptic Rain live will be something else!! As for the two songs that will be released in January (see NEWS of October 18): it will be a split single with another band, but I don't know yet which band that would be.

New April Nine section
October 24, 1999

All information on the 1996 side project APRIL NINE has been added today. With a picture of the album cover (thanks KaT), a tracklist and some info on how this project came about. I hope to get the album soon and as soon as I do I will add realaudio for several songs. Traffic is coming along nicely. By the way, the Hyperium site is back online and they promise to start a mail order service so you can buy April Nine's album Sandglass and two of the singles released off this album.

Coptic Rain to tour?
October 18, 1999
KaT lets us know that she is trying to get a line up together to tour somewhere in the future. She's already got a drummer and a guitarist "lured in" and some bass players are in evaluation. She is still looking for a keyboard player who can also do the samples that are so much a part of the music. Peter Penko will probably not be touring with the band Katrin says. Allthough they've just recorded a new album, Peter's priorities seem not to be with Coptic Rain anymore. What this will mean for the future of the band is not clear yet, but KaT is working hard to get the band on the road and create a buzz. It's all about "finding out how capable I am and where my limits are" as KaT says. KaT also has some news on The Last World. Apparently two new songs will be released on ORG Records on January 23. That is a long wait and surely not what we (the fans) will have in mind. Let's hope the full record will be released as soon as possible... More news as soon as I get my hands on it.

Counter added and site promotion started
September 9, 1999

Today I added a counter to the site. Not because I want to brag about the tremendous amount of people who visit this site (NOT) but to see where all you crazy m*therf*ckers are coming from. And of course because I would really like to know if there are more Coptic Rain fans out there. I also added the site to many different search engines so now traffic should start. The statistics program is in Dutch (because I'm from the Netherlands, Breda to be exactly) but you should be able to understand the general meaning of the graphs and tables....

ORG Records negociations
September 9, 1999

Sean from ORG RECORDS contacted me about this site and he states ORG Records is considering to release The Last World. On their site is a review of the new album and according to Sean the album is the best to date. More guitar, very dark and more adventurous..... can't wait to hear the album. If the deal comes through this site will be the place to hear some stuff off the album.

Great News: KAtriN found this site :)
September 7, 1999

Today I got an email from KAtriN (let's call her KaT). She turns out to be a very cool person and offered to help me keep these pages updated. Of course I hoped this site would get noticed by the band but I never expected it to be this soon (especially since it's only listed in the UBL until now). In her email KaT talks about a new album called The Last World. They're done recording and now trying to find a record label. KaT favourite song on the album is called The Purple Song. I wonder what colours the other songs have....

Eight RealAudio samples added
August 20, 1999

I've added RealAudio samples of eight songs to the site. There are no whole songs there, just parts of them but enough to give visitors who don't know Coptic Rain a good impression of the awesome music this band creates.....

New Coptic Rain Website
August 8, 1999

Today marks the start of a brandnew website for Coptic Rain. The only way to find this site at the moment is through the Ultimate Band List or you got the URL from me in which case you are probably a friend of mine so: WELCOME....