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About this site

Here are some links to cool sites by (I guess) cool people. If you would like your site listed email me. It's not my aim to have the biggest list of links on the web, but a list of good, useful, informative and frequently updated sites. They don't have to be Coptic Rain related, just cool enough.

LABELS Coptic Rain and none-Coptic Rain record labels
ORG Records is the current label of Coptic Rain. There is more to ORG than just the label. On their comprehensive website you will find many new bands you might like.
Noise Records is the former record label of Coptic Rain. This German label specializes in metal. Lots of music in realaudio and mp3.
This label was there when metal started, it's still at the cutting edge.
BANDS Just a few bands worth checking out...
coptic raiN The official site
After Forever Dutch gothic metal band. Great vocals, super debut album. Everything just as it is supposed to be in this genre.
The Gathering The Dutch number one in space rock/gothic/ symphonic rock. Again great vocals.
The Tea Party Canadian super band. Very emotional songs, a bit like Pearl Jam meets Led Zeppelin, only better!
King's X Some call it beatles metal, I just love the music. A fan page.
kong Dutch gods of industrial dance.
Pitch Shifter Englands best industrial-dance-metal act.
Magazines & stuff Mostly industrial and online-only
Ent-Art Dark, weird horrible and great. Much more than music.
Recycle your ears industrial and dark webzine
Electronic Diseases Dutch industrial zine
Chain DLK Elektro industrial zine, from Italy
Forced Evolution Not a magazine but more of a project. Cool though.
Carpemortem.com Lots of links
IndustrialnatioN Huge site, very up to date
The industrial database THE place for all the industrial links you can imagine
Re-flexion Elektropop, lots and lots of information
Wrath Huge site, from EBM to Gothic, in German